Milford Sound Scenic Flights new addition - Cessna Grand Caravan

The ultimate Milford Sound experience - fly over snow-capped mountain ranges, sparkling lakes & tumbling waterfalls as you journey into Fiordland by plane

For the ultimate Milford Sound experience, fly over snow-capped mountain ranges, sparkling lakes and tumbling waterfalls as you journey into the Fiordland National Park by plane.

This experience has just been significantly enhanced with the addition of a Cessna Grand Caravan to the already impressive Milford Sound Scenic Flights fleet.

The Cessna Grand Caravan offers seating for 13 passengers in comfortable leather seats, all offering window seats providing excellent scenic viewing. Passenger commentary is piped through overhead speakers which eliminates the need for headphones.

Now passengers will each have an unrivalled window view of the glacial fed rivers feeding into Lake Wakatipu, the rugged backcountry of Central Otago and thick forests of Fiordland National park.

The Cessna Grand Caravan is powered by a Turboprop engine which is quiet, smooth and extremely reliable. The Turboprop engine being the same technology as used on Commuter aircrafts such as the ATR’s. The Cessna Caravans also have a proven heritage with thousands of this design flying the world over, from the Poles to desert environments and are unmatched for versatility.

Some describe this flight as one of the world’s greatest, and the destination is renowned for being considered the eighth wonder of the world. This is the ultimate way to discover Milford Sound, especially when you’re short on time, and seeking a bucket list-quality experience.

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