Skyline Rotorua

Whatever you like, you won't be disappointed at the Skyline, since they offer a wide range of things to do and food to eat.

After a four hour drive, I must admit I slept most of the time, the bus arrived in Rotorua. Fortunately right in front of the i-SITE so I easily found out how to get to my first adventure: the Skyline Luge. A bus took me there in about ten minutes. At the bottom Iwas welcomed cordially.

A gondola took me up the hill and I could already enjoy a stunning view over Rotorua and its lake. When I left the gondola I was overwhelmed by all the possible activities to do on top.

First of all, I had a look at the Skyswing, in which you swing high above Rotorua! You are lift up to 50 metres above ground level and the swing speeds up to 120kph. If you are fearless and you want to enjoy the view in a different way than normal, Skyswing is an attraction you shouldn’t miss. Feel free to scream, the sheep living on the meadow under the swing are probably already deaf.

Right next to the Skyswing you get the possibility to relax a little more than on the skyswing by taking one of the walking tracks where you got to see exotic and native plantings and can take pictures of fantastic views. Moreover new information sings were just installed, telling you the story of Rotorua and its skyline.

If you are back from your walking track and feel a little exhausted feel free to enjoy either the Buffet and Grill Restaurant or the Market Café. For whatever you decide, you will have not only a stunning view guaranteed but also that you find something to eat you like. There is also the chance to sit outside and watch your mates racing down the luge.

However, I strongly recommend to try it yourself. Before you start you have to put on a helmet and prepare for having a lot of fun. If you ride the luge for the first time a guide will show you how to brace and even more interesting how to speed up. All you have do to do is pull back on the bars to stop, push forward to start.
It’s simple, and anyone can do it!

The Luge carts are gravity fuelled and you can decide on your own how fast you want to go. There are three different tracks which have different levels. First of all a two kilometre scenic ride through Redwood Forest. If you feel good enough go for the Intermediate Luge Track which is a 1.7 kilometere long track in length featuring chicanes, a tunnel and awesome views over the city and lake. Last but not least there also is the Advanced Luge Track which is 1 kilometre long and provides exciting tight bends, dips and a tunnel! It doesn’t matter for what track you decide. It will definitely be over too soon and you want to go again. A lift brings you back up the hill and you can enjoy the beautiful forest, the singing birds, the colourful flowers and the view of Rotorua and its lake before you go down again.

If you finally decided to stop racing down the hill there are still many more things to experience.

Experience a 4D ride in the Skyvue which is a 4D Motion Theatre suitable for all ages, showing every 30 minutes, 7 Days a week.

Go into the jelly belly shop and have a look at the portraits made of Jelly beans or try your luck at spinning the jelly belly wheel. You never know what you get. Instead of buttered popcorn I had to eat a jelly bean which tasted like old cheese. Yummy.

If you would like to end your trip with tasting something better, don’t miss the Volcanic Hills Winery and Tasting Room. The winemakers invite you to sample their handcrafted wines which are produced at the winery at the base of the Gondola. Moreover you can enjoy the 180° panoramic views over Lake Rotorua.


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