Taupo Wake Park

Cable Wakeboarding Park, Ride our 2 tower cable for the price of lunch. Great way to experience wakeboarding. If you are a beginner that does not know what we are talking about, or a pro that is travelling the world checking out cable's of the world.

$20.00 - $99.00

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Need a boat to wakeboard right? WRONG! Come and visit the crew at Taupo’s Anarchy Wakeboarding Park, an overhead cable to tow you around our man made pond. Surrounded in thermal springs. The tower system is more progressive than other 5-6 tower systems, an operator has an eye on you at all times, so no more swimming to the side and wasting all that time and energy walking back to the dock.
Nestled in the heart of the Wairakei Tourist Park, which sits alongside the iconic Waikato River, Anarchy Wakeboarding Park is the place to learn, develop and push boundaries either by strapping a board to your feet. Either take to the water or get comfy on the banks, or in the hot water, catch the action and even cook yourself a BBQ. Enjoy the ride.

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Taupo Wake Park, 201 Karetoto Road, Wairakei, Lake Taupo, 3384, New Zealand.

Jam buka

Jam kerja:
Summer 10am - late 7 days (1 November-31 April) Winter 10am - 5pm Friday - Monday (Months May, September, October)
Waktu operasional:
Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec

Fasilitas dan Fitur

Jarak ke bandara:
15 min drive, pick up for up to 3 people could be arranged
Jarak ke terminal bus wisata:
10 min Drive
Jarak ke kota:
10 min Drive to Taupo Town, accomadation 1 min away

Harga dan Syarat

Dewasa $20.00 - $99.00
Biaya-biaya lain:
$15 for Board HIre
Informasi harga lebih lanjut:
Children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by parent or guardian. Every person that rides on the cable must sign a waiver ( available for view at http://www.anarchyboardingpark.com/documents.php)

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