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Choose Your Travel Style - Enjoying the companionship of like-minded explorers? Traveling with an experienced private guide? Heading off on your own? Let our insider tips, local contacts, detailed knowledge and planning experience chart your way!

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Design Your Vacation - Your Way

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Feeling a tad overwhelmed from information overload – with all exciting places to visit & things to do in New Zealand?
If trying to plan your vacation is -
Taking away the fun;
Zapping too much time;
Creating stress and hassle ...

What's next?
Contact us to Relieve Your Vacation Planning Stress!
We’ll clear the path for you to discover genuine authentic New Zealand.
We’re experts in designing New Zealand vacations. We’ve traveled throughout the country – ridden the buses, driven ourselves, flown from city to city and gone off with a private guide to places only a local knows.
If you don’t want just any old New Zealand vacation, but an authentic experience that lingers long after you're gone, contact us now


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Authentic New Zealand, 7920 Wheel Rim Circle, Austin, 78749, United States.

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