BackpackerPack offers "Guided Backpacking Trips". Nature, action activities, local food, typical backpacking accomodations, with a New Zealand guide and in small groups.


BackpackerPack specialized in "Backpacking New Zealand". If you want to travel with a backpack, and are looking for an adventurous time, please contact us :)

Our signature product for New Zealand is our 21 day "Guided Backpacking Trip" through New Zealand (both islands). During this tour you will sit in your own "nature jacuzzi" at Hot Water beach, do a road-trip through the mountains (Arthur`s Pass), hike through the bush, see palms near the ice at Franz Josef glacier, and experience the ultimate adrenalin kick in Queenstown.

But we also offer everything you need as a backpacker to travel independently. This means "Open Return Flight tickets", travel advice, working holiday packages and a special backpacker insurance.

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