Delux Paragliding Day Course + Instructional Paragliding Tandem Flight

This course is a great way to see what paragliding is all about. . Your instructor will teach you how to fly in a safe environment and give you the skill to do it yourself. You will also get one on one instruction with your instructor on tandem.

$395.00 - $450.00

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This course is a fun and exciting day during which we teach you the basics of flying. This is a full day paragliding, like on our one day course. You will start by learning how to inflate, launch and control a paraglider, while you are initially firmly on the ground. Once that is mastered and you feel comfortable controlling the glider.
You then progress to small flights on one of our training slops.
At the start or end or of the Delux Day Course you will do your instructional paragliding tandem flight with your instructor. No experience is necessary, your instructor will show you how to fly and control the paraglider. You will be exposed to the basics of paragliding and learn first hand what it is like to fly like a bird.

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Delux Paragliding Day Course + Instructional Paragliding Tandem Flight, 793 Malaghans Road, Central Queenstown, Queenstown, 9371, New Zealand.

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Jan, Feb, Mar, Nov, Dec

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Dewasa $395.00 - $450.00
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HGFA $20 student membership.

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