Eurocentres provides language tuition all over the world. It is the foundation’s main goal to accompany students on a thrilling journey not only to achieve language competence, but also to open the mind and heart to the world’s beauties and wonders.

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Eurocentres has been sending students to destinations all over the world for the past decades. The foundation prides itself at offering the best quality, represented by Eurocentres’ teaching staff and methods. The latter include the usage of the newest technologies and the preparation of made-to-measure course planning. Furthermore, Eurocentres invests much energy into the careful selection of students' accommodations as well as their general safeguarding. It is our top priority to ensure our students’ welfare, and that is also why we can only offer the best of everything, such as a completely equipped infrastructure and schools located at the heart of our destinations.

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Eurocentres, Seestrasse 247, Zurich, Switzerland.

Dukungan bahasa

  Tulisan Lisan
Italian YES YES
Portuguese YES YES
Spanish YES YES
French YES YES
German YES YES

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