Sleeping in a tree tent

We invite you experience the feeling of sleeping in a suspended tent. Set-up in secluded clearings, our comfortable tree tents bring you as close to nature as you can get. During the day explore our nature sanctuary or the sights of the Kauri Coast.

Per malam
$139 - $159

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Imagine levitating over the forest, resting on your back and contemplating the blue sky contrasting against the lush green leaves of the trees surrounding you.

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Nestled in the trees, you can defy gravity and examine closer the hundreds of varieties of moss, the stick insects, and the busy birds. In the evening, while listening for the haunting calls of the kiwi, fall asleep to the sounds of the forest. Wake up in the midst of the dawn chorus and have the whole day ahead of you to explore the trails in our jungle-like forest, to participate in one of the conservation activities, to visit the nearby Kauri Coast attractions, or to just pick up a book and spend a relaxing time rocking gently in the breeze.

Open between December and March.


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Sleeping in a tree tent, Trounson Park Rd., Kaihu, Northland, 0379, New Zealand.

Jam buka

Jam kerja:
8am - 11pm
Waktu operasional:
Jan, Feb, Mar, Dec

Fasilitas dan Fitur

  • Breakfast
Jarak ke bandara:
100km to Whangarei Airport, 250km from Auckland International Airport
Jarak ke terminal bus wisata:
50km from Dargaville bus station
Jarak ke kota:
50km to Dargaville
Jumlah kamar:

Harga dan Syarat

Per malam $139.00 - $159.00
Informasi harga lebih lanjut:
must be booked at least 2 days in advance. Check-in time 4:30pm, check-out 10am.

Dukungan bahasa

  Tulisan Lisan
French NO YES
Spanish NO YES

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