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We are New Zealand's first dedicated food and wine specialist inbound tour operator/DMC. To truly experience the unique foods & world renown wines of NZ, you must venture behind the extraordinary scenery and explore the country's sense of place.

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Small Group Travel with Gourmet Journeys is very certainly NOT your usual group experience.
Typically, our guests prefer a more authentic experience to connect, gaining a deeper understanding of New Zealand (or AOTEAROA as the indigenous Maori call their home), its cuisine and culture. We visit local farmers markets, enjoy gourmet inspired excursions and as importantly, our guests will be travelling with a group of like-minded individuals who share very similar interests - immediately giving the group something in common.
Ideally, a group's dynamics work best when capped to between 12 - 20 participants.
We also offer white-labelling partnerships, individual travel advisory services + special interest tours incl; golf, fishing, cooking etc

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Gourmet Journeys NZ, 17 Galloway St, Sydney, Australia.

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