Hot Tubs Omarama Information Centre

You have arrived in the beautiful South Island but you are not sure how best to spend your time, what are the must see sights, how far is it?? Hot Tubs Omarama Information Centre provides the answers

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The Information Centre for Omarama is situated in the Hot Tubs Complex on State Highway 8 Twizel/Omarama section.

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We provide information & make bookings for accommodation & activities in the area. We can help you plan your adventure taking in to account your unique interests and the current road and weather conditions. You have ample room for parking & we are open seven days from 10am to 10pm.

You are welcome to take a break from your journey & indulge in a luxurious Hot Tub while you are here, stop a while and enjoy the stunning scenery.


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Hot Tubs Omarama Information Centre, 25 Omarama Ave, Omarama, Waitaki, New Zealand.

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