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A trip of a lifetime is the experience awaiting you in a variety of travel style options, independent, or escorted, budget,moderate or luxury. You will enjoy the incredible nature beauty, the Maori legends of the land, and the friendly people.

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Traveling the world has been my passion for over 20 years- always seeking knowledge and new experiences. New Zealand is a country that truly beckons my "spirit" as a home away from home. I travel every year to this "Paradise on Earth" that always promises to provide unique discoveries and memorable experiences for all age groups.The people are very friendly and english is the spoken language.

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What is your vision of a Pure NZ experience- the endless beauty of the eco-systems, the rich history of the Maori, enjoying the fine cuisine and famous local wines, viewing native crafts or participating in the renowned outdoor adventures- from “soft” to “extreme"
I can plan the right experience for YOU. Do us both a favor, call now!


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Let's Travel Together, 5800 Lumberdale Ste. #13, Houston, Texas, 77092, United States.

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