Little River PurePod

Every day in Aotearoa nature puts on a show and you are invited to participate in a way that even when the doors are shut you are not shut out. Your PurePod is total surround glass – that's right – roof and floor too! Immerse yourself in Nature.

Per malam
$490 - $490

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PurePods is a total immersion, totally private experience of your own slice of beauty. Your PurePod is made of heavy duty glass so you can see everything - from the heavens above to the native plants growing beneath your feet. Pull back the sliding doors on all three sides and indulge the isolation.

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Sustainable Luxury: The PurePod is designed from the foundations up for environmental sustainability. Travel through a delightful nature walk to see your PurePod hovering above the ferns and tussocks. Discover your own isolated slice of Kiwi paradise, revel in the birdsong all day long and, at night, explore the stars of the southern sky from the comfort of your luxury bed.

Relax. Immerse yourself and your partner in Pure New Zealand.


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Little River PurePod, Christchurch-Akaroa Road, Little River, Little River, Christchurch - Canterbury, 7591, New Zealand.

Jam buka

Jam kerja:
Come in at 3pm, leave by midday
Waktu operasional:
Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec

Fasilitas dan Fitur

  • BBQ Facility
Jarak ke bandara:
1 hour from Christchurch Airport
Jarak ke kota:
1 hour from Christchurch
Jumlah kamar:

Harga dan Syarat

Per malam $490.00
Batasan umur:
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Gorgeous local food platter and breakfast

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