Luxe Guides Private transport to Queenstown Ski Resorts

Private ski resort transfers in our luxury vehicles. We can also arrange your lift passes and deliver them to you, find you the most suitable places to stay, arrange your ski hire, and make bookings for heliski, catskiing and back country touring.


$69.00 - $455.00


Luxe Guides provide private ski resort transfers in luxury 4WD vehicles equipped for the mountain roads, perfect for those who prefer the option of being driven to the resorts and enjoy the perks that come with it. You’ll be delivered to the door of the resort and given directions to the resort facilities such as the ski school meeting place and guest services (local tips on the best places to ski are available on request). Before heading off for your day, you’ll make arrangements with your driver on what time you’d like to finish, and they’ll be there waiting to return you to town when you’re ready. Contact Luxe Guides to discuss what you would like for your Queenstown winter holiday in 2020.

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Office 9, Level 2, Sofitel Building, Sofitel Building, Central Queenstown, New Zealand.

Harga dan Syarat

Dewasa $69.00 - $455.00
Biaya-biaya lain:
Price depends by number in group, charges are per vehicle upon enquiry

Jam buka

Waktu operasional:
Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep

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