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NZ Esencial - an inbound travel company helping you to realise your dream trip. NZ Esencial will handle the aspects of the trip you want - be they travel, accommodation and/or cool experiences.

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Barney Geerligs started NZ Esencial in 2008, with the idea of showing visitors some of the areas of New Zealand off the well beaten tourist track.

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Today that initial motivation and interest remains, as has the company's small but nimble operating structure.

What has changed is that the scope of NZ Esencial's network has grown to include a comprehensive network of suppliers including the tourist hot spots, enabling the provision of a full range of services for independent travellers, as well as groups, small and large.

Feel free to get in touch with us to discuss your forthcoming trip plans. We'd be delighted to hear from you.


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NZ Esencial, 5/14 Heather Street, Parnell, Auckland Central, Auckland, 1052, New Zealand.

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