NZ4u2u Modern Luxury Caravan Hire

We are a modern luxury caravan/camper hire business. All our caravans/campers are self contained and can be parked up over night at our many freedom camping sites. Caravans/campers allow you to unhitch at your destination and go off exploring in your


$40.00 - $190.00


Your mobile hotel on wheels. Don't worry about finding accommodation, don't worry about packing up your bags each day. Our caravans/campers are luxury hotels which travel with you. You can stay overnight just down by the lake with that amazing view. Much better than a motorhome or campervan which is cumbersome to travel with when you want to go visit those out of the way places. You can just unhitch the caravan/camper and you have the flexibility of your car to travel where you would like. Just return back to your caravan when you are ready to move on. Our caravans come with solar and are certified self contained include everything you need even the salt and pepper. Completely insulated with heating they will keep you warm.

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NZ4u2u Modern Luxury Caravan Hire, 26 Wilkinsons Road, Harewood, Akaroa, Christchurch - Canterbury, New Zealand.

Harga dan Syarat

Musim padat kunjungan Musim sepi kunjungan
(Dec - Jan) (May - Aug)
Dewasa $190.00 $40.00
Biaya-biaya lain:
Cleaning and linen hire
Informasi harga lebih lanjut:
Special start up offer. $20 per night discount so hurry and book now to take advantage of this offer.
Kebijakan Pembatalan:
Full refund up to 60 days prior to booking

Jam buka

Waktu operasional:
All months of the year

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