Ophir Post Office

Built in 1886, Ophir Post Office continues to be the hub of the quaint gold rush town of Ophir, still providing a regular postal service and a cheerful update on the state of the nation to this tiny community. Just off the rail trail from Omakau.

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Ophir Post Office is a small building of schist masonry built in 1886 to serve a thriving goldfields town. Since the 1890s it has been managed by women. In 1976 the Post Office was taken over by Heritage New Zealand and restored, and still operates postal services for three hours each weekday morning. Its interior remains largely unchanged from the time of its construction.

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Prized by collectors, letters posted from this small but stylish post office carry the original VR (Victoria Regina) rubber stamp postmark. Buy a postcard, write a note, buy a stamp and frank your own mail.

Ophir displays a diary noting the coldest temperature ever recorded in New Zealand. At the rear of the Post Office is a tiny jailhouse set in a pretty garden.


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Ophir Post Office, 53 Swindon Street, Ophir, Central Otago, New Zealand.

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9am - 12 midday, weekdays. Closed public holidays. Extended hours 1 February - 1 April: 1 - 4pm Monday - Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday
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Setiap bulan sepanjang tahun

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