Pencarrow Lighthouse

To the lighthouse! On a wind-swept promontory high above Wellington harbour, sits Pencarrow Lighthouse, once a beacon to shipping entering and leaving the harbour. A walk out to Pencarrow takes you along the coast offering spectacular harbour views.

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Pencarrow is New Zealand's first permanent lighthouse. Once run by New Zealand's only female lighthouse-keeper, her eventful life at this remote and exposed place is commemorated on a story-board at the lighthouse.

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Pencarrow's classic cast iron tower, made in England, was erected on Pencarrow Head at the entrance to Wellington Harbour in 1859. Outside viewing is available at all times and is accessed is by walking approximately 8 km on an unpaved track along beautiful coastline from Pencarrow Coast Road, past Eastbourne. The track rises steeply at the end.

The environment at Pencarrow Head is rugged with changeable weather and strong winds so please go prepared with sunblock, warm clothing, and sturdy shoes and remember to carry water.


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Pencarrow Lighthouse, Pencarrow Head, beyond Eastbourne, Eastbourne, Wellington, New Zealand.

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