Salt+Earth, A Day on the Farm

Salt+Earth is not just a place to stay, it’s an experience. A luxury home away from home, a place to reflect, to enjoy the finest wild food and local wines, and to experience Fiordland like no-one else with your own personally guided experiences.


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Go let the dogs off, jump in the truck and let’s cut a track. Farm talk!

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The day at the farm is a leisurely affair hanging out on a sheep, cattle and deer farm. We’ll drive around the farm and see what’s happening today while introducing you to some local characters and learning about the different dynamics of these three types of stock animals.

From the woolshed where the sheep are shorn, to the deer yards where the velvet is harvested. If it’s winter we may even get stuck in feeding hay to all the animals or moving some sheep to fresh feed. Don’t worry we’ll have some help from Dell, Lulu, Spud or Meg – the farm dog crew.

In summer this can be fitted in around other adventures late afternoon and evening.


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Salt+Earth, A Day on the Farm, 93 Dusky Street, Te Anau, Fiordland, New Zealand.

Jam buka

Waktu operasional:
Setiap bulan sepanjang tahun

Fasilitas dan Fitur

Jarak ke bandara:
2 hrs drive from Queenstown Airport
Jarak ke terminal bus wisata:
To Door (depending on supplier)
Jarak ke kota:
10 minutes walk to restaurants & shops in Te Anau, 1 mins drive

Harga dan Syarat

Dewasa $400.00
Biaya-biaya lain:
For max 2 people
Informasi harga lebih lanjut:
Prices applicable for 18/19 summer season. Courtesy transport.

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