Shenzhen CEPT Int'l Travel Service Ltd.

SHENZHEN CEPT INT'L TRAVEL SERVICE LTD. (abbreviated as CEPT) is a comprehensive travel company, and one of the earliest travel agents authorized by CNTZ to be engaged in outbound tours for Chinese.

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Established in 1994, SHENZHEN CEPT INT'L TRAVEL SERVICE LTD. is trying every effort to be a professional travel management company. We have been continuously offered excellent, professional, efficient travel service to clients all around the world in the past17 years. Our main business has scoped from inbound travels to outbound travels as well as domestic tours, tourists' coaches, etc. Our advantages are outbound travels, MICE and summer camps. CEPT try its best to provide all different and categories of tourism products from different regions and destinations to Chinese travel agents and Chinese consumers, so that Chinese consumers could have experienced diversities of traveling and even the modes of traveling.




Shenzhen CEPT Int'l Travel Service Ltd., 深南路3007号, 福田区, 深圳, Guangdong, 518000, China.

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