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In 2001 we set out to do something different: to offer travelers to New Zealand, vacation experiences that were far from ordinary. Vacations that are indulgent, hip, cool - even sexy. Springboard is a decidedly different travel company.

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Designing unique, personal itineraries is an art form we relish. Along with experience & know-how it takes an artistic flare and an intriguing digression from the beaten path. We’re inspired to create unique, sophisticated escapes. Our goal is for you to experience the 'real' New Zealand.

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Springboard Vacations custom designs extraordinary travel experiences. ‘10 Sexiest Places’, ‘Hip Places & Cool Adventures’ and ‘Cool Capers with Kids’ are just part of our range. Our commitment to deliver authentic experiences, out of the way places only locals know, value and service for our clients drives our success. Our achievements have been rewarded with 18 International Awards including the Tourism New Zealand "Supreme Award".


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Springboard Vacations, Inc, 2001 Artesia Blvd, Suite 102, Redondo Beach, Los Angeles, 90278, United States.

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