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Your personal and private exclusive luxury nationwide customized tour, professionally guided for the discerning traveler with only 2-4 guests. True balance between people, scenery and culture. If you want to KNOW the country rather than just see it!

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I design personal New Zealand wide custom tours for 2-4 guests, created exclusively for you. Guaranteed personal attention to details, in design and on tour. Savor gourmet meals and relax in the luxury of bed and breakfast lodges - everything you see and do will be at your pace and leisure.

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Special interest escapes are planned to encompass your individual interests from wine and cuisine to nature walks and Maori culture creating a careful balance of culture, scenery and people.

I delight in sharing the places that embody the true essence of New Zealand, while adhering to the philosophy of low impact tourism. For people who want to know the country rather than just see it! I invite you to join me on your unique NZ experience!


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Tailored Travel New Zealand Custom Tours - Nelson, 1637 Dovedale Road, Wakefield, Nelson, 7096, New Zealand.

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