The Real New Zealand Experience

The Real New Zealand Experience will give you the most memorable privately guided tour. The only tour where you can stay in your very own Hobbit House & luxurious self contained apartment on a lovely Waikato farm.

$250.00 - $2,500.00

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The Real New Zealand Experience specialise in turning your holiday into an amazing experience you will never forget.
We have set tours or can customise a tour to suit your needs - be as adventurous or as laid back as you like. We will show you New Zealand in a different way to other tour companies - You will be welcomed onto our farm & experience our beautiful country, from the secret local treasures to the world renowned tourist attractions.

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We will meet you at the airport and take you and your luggage to our lovely spacious air-conditioned car.
We will drive you down to Waikato and let you settle into your own self contained luxury apartment you will call home for the duration of your trip.


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The Real New Zealand Experience, Bowman Road, Hamilton, Hamilton, Hamilton - Waikato, New Zealand.

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Dewasa $250.00 - $2,500.00
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