Today Tours

Today Tours is a specialized travel agent for New Zealand's high-end market to the tourists who desire to experience more than just New Zealand city lights and environment. We will attempt to amaze Korean tourists with 100 % pure NZ Travel Products.


Since 2000, Today Tours have been working for Korean Tourists who seek more high qualitied travel products. We are creating new luxury travel markets, for example luxurious honeymoon, high-end family tour, adventure tour and all general travel.

Our richful tour titineries for NZ will provide memorable New Zealand eperience with high quality service to Korean Tourists in Korea.

We would like to continue to do what we know best and seek best tour programs to further delight tourists for future generation.

As only one travel agent having deep knowlodge and experience of New Zealand, our Today Tours will assist our previous Korean Tourists.

We constantly update and reevaluate existing priducts for our client's specific requirements.

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Today Tours, #1108 Geopyung Town B/D, 203-1 Nonhyun-dong, Kangnam-ku, Seoul, Korea.

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