Troll Cave

Fantasy Fun: A Cave Troll has been found lurking in the darkest recesses of Waitomo Caves. Now it's being conserved in the world's first underground eco-sanctuary. Children and those young at heart can visit Troll cave and take on a tricky challenge.


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There's something amazing going on…at Waitomo Caves they’ve discovered a cave troll !
This is the sort of troll you’d expect to find in far off countries like Norway or Iceland complete with everything you’d imagine from a troll. It’s big, ugly, smelly, scary, not very clever and worst of it wants to eat you!
Find out where it came from and what it’s doing now – you’ll be shaking in your shoes in no time.
But you don’t have to just imagine the Troll…You can actually visit Mr Troll at Troll Cave in Waitomo New Zealand.
(if you think you’re up for it !).
The people at Troll Cave need your help to look after the Troll – he’s very dangerous but also very special !
Everyday kids are putting it all on the line as they go on "Troll Patrol".

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Troll Cave, 654 Waitomo Caves Road Waitomo, Waitomo Caves, Hamilton - Waikato, 3977, New Zealand.

Jam buka

Jam kerja:
9am -5.00pm
Waktu operasional:
Setiap bulan sepanjang tahun

Fasilitas dan Fitur

Jarak ke bandara:
1 Hour south of Hamilton Airport
Jarak ke terminal bus wisata:
1 Hour south of Hamilton Bus Terminal
Jarak ke kota:
1km to town

Harga dan Syarat

Dewasa $35.00
(15 tahun ke bawah)
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Family Rate Available. Activity is a bit scary and is suitable for adventurous children & adults only.

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