Waipoua Forest Giant Kauri Coast tour - 1 day

Meet the ancient 2 giant Kauri trees. Te Matua Ngahere - The Father of the Forest - is between 2,500 and 3,000 years old and the oldest kauri tree in the world. The Lord of the Forest - the giant Tane Mahuta - is the biggest Kauri tree in the world.


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Setting out from Hokianga by coach, your Maori guide will brief you on the protocols for your visit to the Waipoua Forest. Stepping into our special world you will be walking under the same way that guided our ancestor Kupe from legendary Hawaiiki to New Zealand. On the paths of the forest we meet trees that were already giants before his arrival and that were standing before the birth of Christ.

You will experience the affinity that early Maori had with the forest and the deep spiritual respect they hold for the giants still growing there. Learn of the rich bird life and other fauna that inhabits the forest and witness the transitions of life.

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Unit B2, 13 Puriri St, Auckland Central, New Zealand.

Harga dan Syarat

Dewasa $290.00
(11 tahun ke bawah)
Informasi harga lebih lanjut:
A minimum of 2 adults must be attending the tour for the tour to take place.
Kebijakan Pembatalan:
Cancellation of tours is free if carried out by 5:00 PM, two days before the tour. Cancellation of tours carried out by 5:00 PM the day before the tour will cost 50% of the price of the tour. Cancellation of tours after 5:00 PM the day before the tour will cost the full price of the tour. Cancellations of fishing tours will cost 20% of the tour cost after you have sent in your form as the boat will be chartered.

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Jam kerja:
9:00 am-5:00pm, Monday to Friday.
Waktu operasional:
All months of the year

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