Glamping it up

If you love the idea of getting back to nature but can’t survive without your city luxuries then it’s time you tried glamping. It’s the posh way to camp.

'Glamour camping' offers direct access to the great outdoors along with plenty of reasons not to venture too far from your rather plush lodgings. Forget about long-drop loos and days without showering – the comfy version of camping is more likely to involve great coffee, fine wine and canapés.

You can select your preferred level of luxury. You may simply pack a gourmet chilly bin and Egyptian cotton sheets and take them to your favourite camping ground. Or go the full monty and splash out on a fully-catered five-star camping extravaganza.

So popular has glamping become that the Department of Conservation website dedicates a page to the phenomenon, pointing out the best DoC sites for glamping throughout New Zealand.

From the far north to the deep south, DoC provides camping grounds with clean facilities, modern amenities and million-dollar views. You supply the catering and luxury trimmings.

A weekend glamping is always one for the books, whether it’s a romantic getaway with your significant other or an indulgent feast with a bunch of mates who appreciate the finer things in life.

Of course, when you cross Cook Strait on a Bluebridge ferry you can take all the luxuries with you, limited only by the size of your vehicle. Can’t stand to be away from your benchtop espresso machine? Go on, chuck it in with the African safari tent!

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