The biggest thrill with NZONE Skydive

When you finally get to tick off New Zealand from your bucket list, you want to have the best experience once you're there.

Dolphins and nature are memorable, but our time in Queenstown is something we will remember forever. It's not every day you get to jump out of an airplane..

As a travel blogger I'm very passionate about travelling. With the limited I have I try to make the most of every trip I organize. New Zealand was a nice challenge! In a little over 3 weeks we managed to visit both islands. One of our highlights on the South Island was our visit to Queenstown. We heard it was THE place for the more 'extreme acitivities', and they were right. We decided to test our limits by making a reservation with NZONE for our very first skydive!

It was a beautiful summer day when we had our skydive reservation at 3 pm. 'Go hard or go home' is our motto, so we chose the 15.000 feet jump. Once we were all checked in we hopped in the van to make our way to the drop off zone.

After gearing up and meeting the persons who would jump with us it was time to get in the Cessna plane! It was a clear day so we really had a nice view on Queenstown. First we made a 'quick stop' to let out the 9000 feet people before climbing even  more, up to 15000 feet! Yes, you're psyched and a little scared, but you forget all about that once you get to jump out of that plane. It was an incredible feeling having that long freefall over Queenstown.

About a minute later it was time to slow down: the parachute went up and I got to steer a little bit before making a nice smooth landing at the drop off zone. We both had the same feeling: again! But first we wanted to view our pictures and video that were shot during our skydive. It's one of the precious memories that we will remember forever. If you're in Queenstown: don't hesitate to do something crazy like skydiving!