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Always take water into the Abel Tasman National Park - and try having your own travelling water bottle.

New Zealand homes not on town supply usually collect their drinking water from their rooves, or their own bores(wells).  This water is mostly unfiltered though some households have filtration systems when the water has a high mineral content, light discolouration, or for various other reasons.  Overall New Zealand water is safe and drinkable.

Some of the water in the Abel Tasman National Park contains giardia.  Myself and family have always drunk the creek water at our ‘kiwi’ bach with no ill effects.  Regardless of this we still advise all visitors to the Abel Tasman to carry their own water as a precaution.

After 13 years in operation it never ceases to amaze me how much water visitors bring into Riwaka Retreat.  We are always recycling numerous plastic water containers from 1 to 5 litres.  While water in our area can have some discolouration, ours goes through a complicated filtration system ensuring it is safe and pleasant to drink.  No bought water is required and water bottles can be filled from our taps for your day in the Abel Tasman.

Each year the world drinks over 30 billion throwaway bottles of water – that’s about 2.7 million tonnes of plastic.  It takes 700 years before plastic bottles start to decompose.   Up to 1000 years before this environmentally unfriendly product fully decomposes.    Please don’t be shy to ask your accommodation provider if the water is drinkable.  We welcome you to our beautiful country and are only too happy to share our water with you.

On a recent ten week camping and backpacking trip in Europe, one of my two drinking water containers disappeared.  This caused me to buy a bottle of water in Croatia.  This small plastic water bottle travelled from Split to Dubrovnik.  Across on the ferry to Southern Italy.  Through Italy to Switzerland, the Alps, and into Germany.   From there into France and Spain.  This bottle was constantly refilled when there was drinkable water.  On other occasions it was filled with water I had boiled.  This battered piece of plastic was nearly lost at Barcelona Airport.  With a last minute reprieve it was allowed to cross the channel to England.  It then travelled through Scotland, England, and Singapore before safely landing in New Zealand.  For little more than the equivalent of 1 Euro it served me well.  You may say that I am extreme and you may be right.  I ask no-one to carry the same water bottle across countless borders until the writing is worn off and the dents are like handgrips. What I do ask is that while you are in New Zealand you recycle your rubbish,  you carry it out of our parks with you, and you give a thought for the piles of empty, plastic water bottles in the world before you toss another one in the garbage.

Plastics are like diamonds – they last forever.  Take ownership of your waste footprint while in New Zealand.  We will love you for it.



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