Why would you want to horse trek in the winter?

There are lots of good reasons to ride in the winter in NZ, read on to find out what they might be..

  • Cute Snuggly  wooly ponies...in winter they grow shaggy wooly coats just like the Hobbits ponies. 
  • Less Crowded...For some reason people seem to think summer is the time for horse trekking but winter is a great time to ride so you will generally find smaller group sizes.
  • Nice and cool for horses and riders...I LOVE riding in my full length oilskin coat.  It makes me feel like 'Man from Snowy river'. All the warmth from the horse goes up inside the coat and keeps you toasty warm.
  • Frosty mornings make for glittering natural ice gardens in the shady part of our treks. Feels like riding through the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe scenes.
  • Steaming horses and steam coming out the horses' noses after a run makes you imagine you trained your very own dragon.
  • Glistening perfectly constructed spider webs show up like jewels along side the trails in the morning mist.
  • Other activities are more weather dependent - we can ride when the ocean is too rough for boating or fishing or when the mountain is too windy or cloudy.
  • It's kind giving the horses a winter leg stretch...They often gallop around their feild in the winter just to warm up!