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Get ready to try new and wonderful (and perhaps odd) ways to play while backpacking in New Zealand.

There are so many ‘must-do’ experiences that you’ll naturally come across as you backpack in New Zealand that might not necessarily appear on your typical itinerary, but they’re equally as amazing as those that would. Experiences like getting invited to a BBQ by a local to enjoy Kiwi hospitality and our world-famous lamb, taking in a local band (look out for Shapeshifter, Fat Freddy’s Drop or if you’re lucky, Lorde), watching an All Blacks game, or learning the Haka are all memories that you’ll never forget from your time in NZ!

But of course, backpacking through New Zealand is also about seeing our epic landscapes and getting stuck into our amazing adventures. To help you out with this, below are some top activities to make sure you include in your itinerary.

Crafting the ultimate day

For inspiration on how to play more every day in New Zealand, check out our suggested one day itineraries below. From diving to rafting, bungy jumping and snowboarding, they’ll show you just how many epic experiences you can cram into a single day.

North Island: Bay of IslandsAucklandRotorua
South Island: KaikouraQueenstown in winterQueenstown year-round

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For many visitors, bungy jumping in New Zealand has almost become a rite of passage, that they take that...

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Fox Glacier & Franz Josef Glacier

Witness the puzzle of huge valleys of ice that extend well below the snowline, almost to the sea. Here the...

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From a quiet drift through forest wilderness to a white-knuckled, wide-eyed journey down turbulent rapids,...

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Walking & Hiking

Hiking New Zealand is the best way to see beautiful landscapes and explore vast wilderness areas. So grab a...

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Jet Boating

Jet boating is suitable for all ages and levels of fitness and can be enjoyed the whole year round. Sit ...

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Kayaking is one of the best ways to really explore the thousands of kilometres of New Zealand’s...

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Hot pools & health spas

There’s no better way to click into holiday mode than to soak in a naturally-heated thermal pool or...

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If you’re into snowboarding, you’ll be into New Zealand. Big time. The slopes here are snowboard...

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Skydiving in New Zealand is a popular adventure activity. What better way is there to take in the amazing...

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