Coromandel Coastal Walkway

7 hrs return

10 km


  • Amazing beaches
  • Coastline views
  • See a range of dotted islands


  • By car: 2hrs 20mins from Thames

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One of the best coastal walks in New Zealand. Discover beautiful beaches, quiet nature and twinkling bays.

The Coromandel Coastal Walkway offers the chance to take in the full beauty and solitude of the remote upper Coromandel Peninsula.

The walk takes 3-4 hours one-way or 7 hours return. Passing beneath the shadow of brooding Mt Moehau, the track traverses pristine bush, farmland and coastline.

Stony Bay and Fletchers Bay mark the start and end points of the track, and both are hidden jewels in their own right. If you'd like to stay a while the Department of Conservation (DoC) has campsites at both bays, costing just $10 per adult per night.

For those who wish to walk just one-way, regular shuttles are provided by Coromandel Adventures and Coromandel Discovery, departing from Coromandel town.

To find out more, visit the DOC website (Department of Conservation).

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