Embrace the excitement in Queenstown

There’s an energy about this place that inspires people to get out and experience this natural playground.


It's not surprising that a place like Queenstown gave birth to some of the world's most exciting adventure tourism activities. Super-charged jet boating through breathtaking river canyons and bungy jumping both originated in this picturesque lakeside village and its alpine surrounds. 

If that's not enough, skiing or snowboarding the local mountains will release your adrenaline. When your feet are back on firm ground, it’s about feeling more awake and alive than you would have thought possible.

Experience an outdoor adventure, Queenstown

An outdoor hike is one of the best ways to enjoy the beautiful scenery of New Zealand up close.

Being immersed in the environment whether you're jumping in the water or you're flying through the air, it's those sensations that people enjoy.

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