Auckland - Rotorua - Auckland - no driving required

8 Days


Auckland Central to Auckland Central


  • Car-free travel
  • Tauranga/Mt Maunganui
  • Geothermal Rotorua

Best time of year

All year

This route explores the Bay of Plenty, heading south from Auckland to Tauranga, Rotorua, and back to Auckland via Hamilton.

Auckland kicks things off with island and coastal experiences, then you’ll move on to the relaxed seaside environment of Tauranga. Rotorua will entertain you with geysers, mud pools and hot springs, and is handy for taking a side trip to Hobbiton. Hamilton's ideal for a relaxed riverboat cruise or stroll through the acclaimed gardens before you return to Auckland.

Best of all, you don't need a car to get around using this itinerary!


New Zealand - Rotorua, Te Whakarewarewa

Photo by vtveen

Day 4 / 8

Tauranga - Rotorua

1 hr

66 km

41 mi

Bay of Plenty

Make your way down to Rotorua today. InterCity and NakedBus offer daily coach services, while Tauranga and Rotorua-based private transfer companies will offer one-way transport services.


Rotorua is entertaining in any weather, at any time of the year. The city sits squarely on the Pacific Ring of Fire, so there’s evidence of volcanic activity everywhere you look. Explore the one or more of the geothermal parks and once you've seen the shooting geysers and steaming pools, wind back and enjoy a therapeutic natural spa.


Tauranga at night

Start in Tauranga

The sunny city of Tauranga will tempt you with marine adventures. Go sailing, fishing or dolphin watching and soak up the stunning coastal environment.

Be greeted with a Hongi, a traditional Maori greeting, in Rotorua.

End in Rotorua Central

Entertaining in any weather, Rotorua will captivate you with its shooting geysers, intriguing Maori villages and thrilling adventure activities.

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