5 Celebrated Places to Include in New Zealand Tours

Friendly locals, adaptable climate, splendid lakes, magnificent glaciers and gleaming caves define the southwestern gem, New Zealand.

Friendly locals, adaptable climate, splendid lakes, magnificent glaciers and gleaming caves define the southwestern gem, New Zealand. A perfect getaway from monotony, this country is fast emerging as one of the most favourable tourist destinations in the world. This multi-cultural country, a blend of modernity and tradition, houses contemporary cafes and art galleries, and at the same time promotes local rugby games with great enthusiasm. Besides, this scenic landscape produces a wide range of fruits and flowers, and is famed for its vineyards. Its traditional exports also include meat, wool and dairy products. Attracting all with its picturesque natural marvels, most of the New Zealand tours revolve around the below mentioned wonders.

Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park

Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park is an abode to massive glaciers, the snow-capped Southern Alps, turquoise lakes and diverse flora. This surreal site attracts all for its abundant adventure opportunities like mountaineering, hiking and skiing. The mountain passes here are apt for both, a beginner or a veteran. Far away from the hustle and bustle of city life, this quaint landscape impresses even the most discerned traveller.

Lake Tekapo

Another important destination to be included in all New Zealand packages is the azure Lake Tekapo. With its breathtaking expanse, this water body lures hordes of globetrotters during day, and by the night, it astonishes all with a serene starry sky. A must-visit place of interest on the shores of this lake is the 16th century Church of Good Shepherd, which is regularly visited for weddings and baptism; giving a local flavour to tourists. A perfect place to click memorable pictures, the church delights all with its splendid view of the Southern Alps and the lake. Travellers can also witness natural Southern lights show here because of the low pollution content of the area.

Milford Sound

With glaciers carved since the ice ages, sky-high mountain peaks and majestic waterfalls, this place is no less than a paradise. Apart from boat cruises, visitors can also opt for kayaking and flightseeing tours, and diving to admire this spectacular fjord and marine life, respectively. Further enhancing their experience, tourists can also visit the floating underwater observatory to witness a variety of coral species. A trek through the Milford track will not only unravel the vivid wilderness present here, but also highlight its pristine features; adding a flavour of tranquillity to the trip. Thus, all the New Zealand tours should incorporate a jaunt to Milford Sound.

Waitomo Caves

Derived from the words Wai (water) and Tomo (hole) of the Maori language, these caves are made of soft limestone and have underwater streams. These glowworm caves enrich a traveller's trek or boat tour with numerous eye-capturing waterfalls and massive stones. Adventure lovers should definitely try blackwater rafting or zip lining through the mystic darkness of the caves, to discover this natural wonder. People can visit Waitomo Caves Museum, Otorohanga Kiwi House or the Pureora Forest to further delve into the richness of marine life inhabiting in the country. In addition to natural marvels, the country is also known for its architectural wonders that can be best witness in Napier.


Showcasing the Maori history through its buildings and houses, Napier is a port city, located in Hawke's Bay. The Art Deco architectural style of this city is well portrayed and has a Spanish influence. When in Napier, tourists can visit Cape Kidnappers and the various vineyards. While on their New Zealand holidays, travellers can also catch a glimpse of vintage cars, and explore Farmers Market, which sells fresh produces.

A visit to these five places will certainly make your New Zealand tour a memorable escapade from city lights and dwellings.