Autumn Awesomeness

There’s something special about the shoulder seasons: gone is brash summer & in walks understated autumn in burnt orange, misty mornings & bright afternoon

Autumn is a time to take stock and slow down – and to enjoy the last of the sun while there’s still a remnant of tan beneath those shorts!

And where better to see autumn in all its fiery glory than New Zealand’s own arboretum, Eastwood Hill, a half hour drive from Gisborne.  

An arboretum is, essentially, a tree park. A quiet place to go for lovers of trees and layers of leaves.

William Douglas Cook –Eastwood Hill’s founder, was injured at Gallipoli and, on returning home to his family farm shortly after WWI, started planting trees on the family farm at Ngatapa. He wanted to replicate the idyllic English landscapes he had seen while recuperating from his war injuries.

Today, Eastwood Hill holds over 4,000 different trees, shrubs and climbers and is the largest collection of Northern Hemisphere trees in the Southern Hemisphere.

Autumn is without doubt the best time to go, with hundreds of maples, liquidambars, and red and scarlet oaks out in full effect. 

There is no equivalent of equal scale that we know of in the south, but you could say that many parts of the south island resemble an arboretum at this time of year. So if you’re travelling through the South Island this month, why not take the scenic route? Arrowtown, Glendhu Bay Wanaka, and Central Otago offer stunning autumn backdrops and you can’t beat the Clyde Dam lookout for an autumnal vista overlooking Clyde and Alexandra. 

Ahh, autumn. Can’t beat it!

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