An intro to New Zealand camping

A summary of camping areas in New Zealand

Camping Grounds in New Zealand

There are over 1000 camping areas in New Zealand. These can be divided simply into 3 categories.

Standard Facility Camping Grounds and Holiday Parks:

New Zealand is well equipped with Holiday Parks and established Camping Grounds in most areas, particularly those of interest to tourists and holiday-makers. A Standard Facility Camping Ground will be equipped with a bare minimum of hot showers, potable water and kitchen facilities. Many Holiday Parks include much more – laundry facilities, games and TV rooms, swimming pools, like a mini-resort! Many also offer cabin style accommodation.

Basic Facility Camping Areas:

A basic facility camping area will be equipped with the bare minimum of a toilet facility, accommodating both self-contained and non self-contained campers (ie. campers without their own toilet facilities). Most Department of Conservation (DOC) campsites sit in this category, and are situated in beautiful and remote areas. 

Often water will be available but will need to be treated before it is safe to drink, either by boiling, with sterilisation tablets or by filtering.

No Facility Camping Areas:

These are areas approved for camping but with no facilities available at all, thus they are restricted for use by people in certified self-contained campervans only.

Self-contained campervans have on-board toilet facilities and a 3-day wastewater storage capacity, allowing them to camp without impacting the environment around them. 

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