Hawke's Bay Restaurant Reviews

Hawke's Bay restaurants are a star attraction on the tourist list of things to do in Hawke's Bay and Tweet2eat.co.nz is the place to find them.

If you're looking for an independent Hawke's Bay restaurant review guide with every restaurant that's worth dining at listed included, then go to www.tweet2eat.co.nz. Tweet2eat is a Hawke's Bay business that helps connects foodies with great places to dine out at cafes, restaurants and wineries in Hawke's Bay. You can ask questions of tweet2eat on twitter or share your dining out goss.

Hawke's Bay is a fantastic foodie destination in New Zealand because of our produce growing capability combined with the international level expertise of many of our chefs. This makes for great restaurant dining out. Be sure to check out the latest chef interview series currently running and hear directly from the chef about what's happening in the kitchen at the restaurant you are thinking of dining at.

Enjoy your stay in Hawke's Bay and do let us know on twitter what you thought of your stay. 


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