New Zealand in Autumn

Whether you call it "autumn" or fall", late March and April are wonderful months to visit New Zealand.

The shoulder season months of March and April hold many surprising benefits for travellers looking for a relaxing, colourful New Zealand holiday experience.

The high season visitors have been and gone and with them the pressure of numbers experienced at some of the more popular destinations.

Better availability of the essentials such as accommodation and rental cars offers more choices, look out points are less congested for those looking for the perfect scenic shot and there is more elbow room at dining establishments, activity sites, hiking trails etc.

One of the most spectacular benefits is the stunning autumn colours as the summer foliage on the trees transforms to glorious yellows and oranges before the leaves fall. As cooler temperatures arrive in the southern regions late March, the trees start to show off their brilliant colours, a trend which gradually evolves northwards over the following weeks.

So if you’re looking for glorious colour in your New Zealand holiday pics, March and April is the time to be here!

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