So much more than just prawns!

Huka Prawn Park is a prawn-themed fun park which is well-known for prawn fishing, however there are many more activities to explore at this quirky place!

Huka Prawn Park is a prawn-themed park located 10 minutes north of Taupo.  It’s become known for prawn fishing, where you can catch as many prawns as you can using a bamboo rod with a hook and ox-heart bait!

Guided tours are available which allow you to see the big prawns (including a pickled prawn which is 68cm long!) and hand-feed the baby prawns. 

The Riverside Restaurant serves a range of delicious prawn meals and a few options for those non-prawn-lovers as well.

What surprises most people about Huka Prawn Park is the awesome range of other activities available in the park.

You can pedal over ponds full of prawns on an aqua trike or pedal boats.  Those brave enough to test their balance can use the stand up paddle boards, just don’t fall in or you’ll be surrounded by 20,000 prawns!

You can explore the park and enjoy a huge range of cool and quirky activities. Many of the activities like the water weights and scales are science based so kids will learn while having fun!

The kids will love the gauntlet where they’re challenged to jump through a pond from rock to rock without getting a bucket of water dropped on their heads.

Prawns aren’t the only aquatic creature in the park.  There is a pond dedicated to rainbow trout, on arrival you’re given trout food so you can feed them.  There’s also a trout viewing tank so you can see the trout on eye-level.

Adults will enjoy the riverside nature walk, send the kids off on Shawn’s treasure hunt and stroll along the shores of the Waikato River.  You may even see the Hukafalls Jet roar past.

The activity loop ends with a playground for the kids and a relaxing geothermal footbath for the adults.  Geothermal features throughout the park help keep you warm in all weather.

Don’t make the mistake of visiting Huka Prawn Park too late in the day. The activity pass gives you access to all of the activities and you can definitely spend a whole day exploring the park! Those on a budget can bring a picnic lunch, or if you’re looking to treat yourself then dine at the Huka Prawn Park Riverside Restaurant.

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