Top 3 photographed Lord of the Rings locations

Top 3 photographed Lord of the Rings locations: route from Queenstown to Paradise!

There are three MUST SEE Lord of The Rings for their stunning scenery and LOTR tales

1. Isengard (Dart Valley) – The Dart Valley was used to create the Wizard’s Vale claimed by Samuran, he dwelt in the impressive Tower of Orthanc where he had a great vantage point to plot his twisted plans.

2. Lothlorien forest (Paradise Forest) – Beech trees filter light creating an ethereal feel that made it a perfect setting for Lothlorien. The Elves originally fell in love with this golden forest and made homes in the boughs of the trees.

3. Ithilien (Twelve Mile Delta) - Ithilien is a scene of excitement and drama. It is here that Sam spies the fabled Oliphants (ginormous elephant-like animals with huge tusks, they are saddled up to carry soldiers into battle). Ithilien is also where Smeagol, Frodo and Sam lay on their bellies and look out over the battle between the men of Harad and the Rangers of Gondor.

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