6 things to do in New Zealand this year

New Zealand is one of those destinations that never fails to impress the tourists. This article highlights the experiences that just cannot be missed.

The land of the kiwis has some of the best experiences to serve this year. Known for its impeccable beauty both on land and in the sky, New Zealand welcomes you with a great deal of enthusiasm and zeal this year. The country is a perfect blend of adventure, beauty, sports and art. New Zealand hosts various events round the year for you to enjoy. Some things you can do in New Zealand this year are:

1. Go Cycling!

New Zealand is known to have some of the best cycling routes of the world. Crankworx is a cycling festival that is considered to be among the best mountain biking festivals around the world. Apart from great cycling activities and routes, Crankworx allows you to watch some adventurous cyclist defy the laws of gravity on their bikes. You must visit this event this year!

2. Dine with some Wine 

The kiwis are lovers of good food and wines. The best place to enjoy the most boutique wines and amazing food is Waiheke Island. You will find some of the best wineries and cellars in here. To add to the wine and food, the picturesque view and light music is always a compliment. It’s something you don’t want to miss.

3. Take the Lake Taupo challenge

Taupo is the largest lake in New Zealand. This year, you could take the Taupo challenge and go biking around the Taupo Lake with thousands of other cycling enthusiasts. It is a 160 kilometre ride and you can also find your convenience completing this ride. With the thrilling biking the beauty acts as the soothing element and adds to the leisure of the ride. Being the perfect amalgamation of thrill and beauty, it is an experience of a lifetime

4. Visit the Queenstown Winter Festival

The Queenstown winter festival is an event of great fireworks and extravagant parties and celebrations. Apart from this festival, Queenstown holds various festivals celebrating music, sports and much more. This winter, you can visit Queenstown to witness some beautiful fireworks and celebrations and also try your hand at skiing.

5. Look at the clearest sky

The sky above New Zealand will leave you in awe Canterbury is the ideal place to relax and gaze at the beautiful sky. If you are lucky, you will get to see the Aurora Australis or the southern lights. You could also visit the Mt. John observatory and take a difficult to forget night sky tour. Go count the stars in the New Zealand sky this year!

6. Catch a Rugby Game

New Zealand is a place where sports are given great importance. Rugby is one sport which is extremely viewed and played in New Zealand. This year you can take a chance to watch a thrilling match of the All Blacks. You can check the schedule on the website of the All Blacks and try to watch a match on your visit to New Zealand.

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