Why you should choose New Zealand as a travel destination

There is no better place to visit than New Zealand. Here are some of the reasons why New Zealand can be the trip of a lifetime.

New Zealand is a tiny country. Made up of two rather remote islands (and many smaller ones) and with a population of just over four million people, it is not the most acessible place in the world to visit. Yet it remains one of the world's greatest tourist destinations. 

Here are some of the unique things about New Zealand that have made it justifiably famous - and why you should visit it too:

1) The incredible unspoilt scenery. There are some of the most diverse environments on earth, from beaches and rainforests to mountains, lakes, glaciers and even volcanoes. Many of these different natural features can be visited on the same day.

2) The people. New Zealanders are naturally warm and friendly people and are particularly hospitable to tourists. Wherever you go you will receive a friendly smile and a warm welcome.

3) The climate. Although there are four distinct seasons in New Zealand there are not the extremes of hot and cold to be found in most other countries. Any time of year is a pleasant time to explore New Zealand's wonders.

4) Safety. Crime is low in New Zealand and as a tourist you are unlikely to encounter problems. Furthermore, there are virtually no lethal creatures amongst New Zealand's wildlife so you can explore without concern for being bitten or eaten!

5) The culture. New Zealand was inhabited by the local native people, the Maori before the arrival of the Europeans in the 1700s. New Zealand today is a fascinating blend of cultures who mingle and thrive in a peaceful yet vibrant society.

These are just some of the reasons why your visit to New Zealand willl be both memorable and unique. It's a very special place - come and enjoy!

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