White Island Diving tour

White Island is New Zealand’s only active marine volcano. Known for its dramatic dive sites crammed with marine life, this is a must for any scuba diver!

New Zealand Diving is pleased to offer you an experience of a lifetime, diving on an active volcano! White Island has many exciting & exhilarating dives, from cathedral spire pinnacles with 150m drop offs to relaxing reef dives teaming with a huge variety of aquatic life. Experience environments similar to where life began, or so it is thought, when you descend to experience the underwater volcanic vents. You will experience archways and fumaroles emitting volcanic gas. Due to the super rich nutrients in this area, marine life thrives here. This world class dive site offers you the chance to see everything you desire in a single weekend of diving.
This weekend liveaboard 2 x day trip is on offer to limited numbers & only available on three dates for 2018 season: 09 Dec 2017; 27 Jan 2018; 24 Feb 2018
Leaving Whakatane the boat heads out to the island where she stays for the 2 day duration. Up to four dives can be made on the first day, including a night dive & three on the second.
The charter is fully inclusive of accommodation (2 nights), food, diving & gear hire. For full details see our website or contact New Zealand Diving 09 422 3599