One city - a world of flavours.

Auckland is a city of travellers, packed full of people who can trace their heritage all over the world.


In this melting pot of cultures and traditions, food is a universal language that draws people together.

Fine dining, Auckland

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Bringing the world to your plate

Aucklanders have embraced the culinary arts of all those who have come to call it home, resulting in a dining culture that prizes variety, inventiveness and presentation. A night out could mean anything from fine European-style dining on the viaduct to watching a Taiko drumming performance while enjoying sushi.

Inherently adventurous, young kiwi chefs and future restaurateurs are spending time travelling then bringing home techniques and ideas from other parts of the world and applying them locally.

Ponsonby Central, Auckland

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Fresh to the table

Auckland's vibrant cafe and restaurant scene enjoys easy access to a host of fresh and delicious ingredients. Whether you're eating seafood caught off the coast, beef from the Waikato, or fruit from the Bay of Plenty, the road to your plate is a short one.

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