7 fun things to do in Wellington with your mates

If you're looking for somthing fun and different to do Adam's put together a list of 7 fun things to do in Wellington for ya!

1. Get Wet - 

Grab your togs or trunks and head to the waterfront. Then jump off one of the three platfrom jumps by the lagoon.

  1. The pirate plank opposite the boat shed (300m from Te Papa) and on a sunny day you'll usually see some locals working on their bombs.
  2. Jump off the brand new steel jumping platform. This is new and very cool, the top one is pretty high. It's closer to Te Papa than the pirate plank No belly floops.
  3. I'm not sure id this is allowed, but the daring do it. It's very high, so make sure you're at the right spot before you leap off the wooden bridge about 10meters into the lagoon.

2. Swing in Mt Victoria. -

This is awesome, a rope swing the flies out over Wellington. Just take the Mt Vicoria lookout track on the way to the lookout and you'll find it in a clearing on the eay up.

3. Pursuit Game. -

We've turned Wellington into a game pick one of our tours and you'll dicover more fun bits of Wellington in a real World amazing race. Lots of our adventures includes more places like this.

4. Te Papa musesum interacittion points

Te Papa has quite a few fun things like the earthquake house, the digital map and the games room. In fact at the moment until april they have a game exhibition.

5. Bead shop -

This is suprisingly fun activity, even for guys too. How often do you sit down and make a neckless or try too.

6. Brooklyn firefox -

These are epic, long and realy good (not just for kids). They;re not those safe playground ones (well they are safe) but they do need some courage!

7. Grab a lunch and a drink and find the 'Trippy tree'.

Go to the botanical gardens and hunt out the trippy tree, climb up andf have a feast and a good yarn.

Enjoy! Send me a message to hello@thepursuit.co.nz to find more!

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