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Planning a trip to Auckland and not sure what to do? Here are 8 must-do day tours around Auckland that highlight the beauty of the city and its surrounds.

Did you know that flying to New Zealand from the US has never been easier? AirNZ just added a direct flight from Houston to Auckland, New Zealand starting December 2015. The direct flight makes the trip a long (about 14 hours) but easy one and when you arrive in Auckland, you’ll be wondering what to do. Don’t worry, we’ve put together eight must-do day tours in and around the Auckland area!

1. Discover The Bay Of Islands: One of the most popular New Zealand vacation spots, The Bay of Islands is best seen on a luxury catamaran. Cruise along the blue waters for a view of the scenic Cape Brett Lighthouse. Pass through Motu Kōkako, or “The Hole in the Rock”, and make your way to the majestic Grand Cathedral Cove. This luxurious cruise is one of the best ways to be introduced to the breathtaking sights of New Zealand.

2. Walk in the Wilderness: The warmth of the Maori people can be felt throughout the country of Auckland but on the Wilderness Experience, you’ll get up close and personal with the land they call home. Get swept up by the history and traditions of the Maori people and then travel west to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Your tour guide will walk you along the black sands of the beach and through the lush rainforest where you can hear the songs of New Zealand’s bird population.

3. Find Your Inner Frodo: The beautiful landscapes of New Zealand are no stranger to Hollywood and for Tolkien fans, New Zealand brought books like The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit to life. Now you have the opportunity to travel to this magical world on the Hobbiton Express tour. The rolling green hills transport you to the Shire where you’ll find 44 Hobbit Holes including Bilbo’s house and Bag End. Before you head back to Auckland, stop in at the Green Dragon Inn for an ale, cider or ginger beer!

4. Indulge on a Waiheke Wine Tour: Auckland, New Zealand is home to some of the best wine and you can experience it with this exclusive tour. You will travel to three premier wineries of your choosing and enjoy a delicious lunch. Whether you’re a sommelier or just enjoy the taste, you won’t want to miss this Waiheke Wine Tour. 

5. Explore Piha Canyon: Piha Canyon is a gorgeous volcanic rock valley that is picturesque and perfect for repelling (or abseiling in Kiwi speak.) A Day Tour on this gorgeous landscape will have you swimming through pools of blue water, sliding through the canyon caves and soaking up the rich history of this Auckland favorite. The best part of this tour is that no experience is needed and kids as young as 12 can join in on this adventure!

6. Go on a Harbor Cruise: Only an hour and a half long, this cruise is the best way to squeeze in a relaxing tour on the day you arrive in Auckland. Board a cruiser and see famous sights like Harbour Bridge and the historic Bean Rock lighthouse. Plus you get the option to “hop on, hop-off” if you want to explore nearby islands on your own. Definitely a must-do for your visit to Auckland.

7. Experience the Waitomo Caves: Travel by luxury coach through New Zealand’s largest farming province as you make your way to The Waitomo Caves. This is an experience like no other for thrill seekers who want an unforgettable underground adventure. Repel, climb and tube through the caves illuminated by hundreds of glow worms found only in New Zealand.

8. See the sights of the City: Join a small group on a guided tour through the city and discover the beautiful history of Auckland. The guide will take you up Queens Street through the business district, city parks and Ponsonby, a historic suburb of Auckland. Stroll along beaches, summit Mt. Victoria and take a trip over the Harbour Bridge to Westhaven Marina, one of the largest Marinas in the Southern Hemisphere! The panoramic view of the Waitemata Harbour and the history of Auckland will not disappoint.

Are you itching to go to Auckland, yet? If you need some help planning that dream vacation or just want to know more about day tours in Auckland, New Zealand, don’t hesitate to call us directly Toll Free 888-359-2877 (Mon-Fri 8:30am - 5:30pm Central US). You can also visit if you want to see some of the itineraries we have around the Auckland area.  We’d love to help you customize your New Zealand trip!

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