Cafe Irresistiblue at Monavale Blueberries

The place to visit on your New Zealand experience, Cafe Irresistiblue at Monavale Blueberries, New Zealand's largest certified organic blueberry orchard.

The place to visit on your New Zealand culinary experience.  Cafe Irresistiblue is a unique award winning country cafe situated in the heart of the Waikato, located on Monavale Blueberries.

A family owned and operated New Zealand business since 1985, Monavale Blueberries is the largest BioGro certified organic blueberry orchard in New Zealand, with 50 acres of blueberries.

Enjoy the views over the orchard to the mountains beyond while enjoying morning tea, lunch or afternoon tea inside the cafe or alfresco dining on the expansive decks.  The cafe offers an extensive all-day menu including organic, free-range, vegetarian and gluten free options.

Fantastic organic hot and cold drinks are on offer, as well as a great selection of local boutique wines.  Monavale Blueberries also create a delicious organic blueberry wine, which is available by the glass from Cafe Irresistiblue. 

'Blue' is a lovely fruit wine, full of flavour, made with only the sweetest of their organic blueberries. 

Their organic blueberry pie and Dutch apple and blueberry tart are a fantastic treat!  Also on offer are delicious organic blueberry ice-creams and sorbet.

A great selection of other products including organic blueberry juice, liqueur, jam, spread, salad dressing, sauce, chutney and more are available from the orchard shop.  Why not try an organic blueberry tasting tray on your visit? 

All products are made by Monavale Blueberries from their delicious organic blueberries grown on the orchard.

Tantalise your taste buds and visit Cafe Irresistiblue at Monavale Blueberries.

Open Wednesday-Sunday, 9am-4.30pm, year round.


Great blueberry pie recipe:

200 grams sweet short pastry

½ cup sugar

3 Tbsp flour

4 cups ‘Irresistiblue’ organic blueberries (fresh or frozen)

¼ tsp nutmeg

¼ tsp cinnamon

Roll out half the pastry and line a deep pie dish.  Fill with blueberries combined with sugar, flour & spice mixture.  Cover with remaining pastry in a lattice pattern.  Bake at 200 degrees Celsius for 40 minutes or until fruit is cooked.  Delicious served warm with cream and ice-cream. Serves 6.