Calf Club Days - fun for all in rural NZ

Rural School Calf Club or Agriculture Days are great events held annually in Spring throughout the country and have activities that are fun for all.

If you're looking for fun things to do with kids in New Zealand in September and October, keep an eye open for rural schools' Calf Club or Agriculture Days.  These are great events for kids put on by schools in rural areas throughout the country.

They usually feature classic events where children will have hand-reared a farm animal such as a lamb, calf, kid or chick and then bring it along on the day for judging. Lambs, goats and calves may be judged on their leading, calling and rearing and chickens may even have to perform a trick!  Some schools involve other animals such as piglets or pets as well.

Pony rides, gum boot throws, bouncy castles, toffee apples, barbecues, white elephant and cake stalls are all regular fixtures along with many other activities and fun events for kids of all ages.  It'll be a fundraiser for the school, so expect to lose a few dollars on quick fire raffles but you will also find great home baking on the cake stall and cheap local produce in abundance.  Always a fun day out these events happen in Spring to tie in with lambing and calving season. 

Look out for signs by the side of the road and in local shops, as well as community newspapers for details.  In South Auckland, Ramarama School and Ardmore School kick off the season on Saturday 21st September at 9am, with many more schools holding their Calf Club Day the weekend after.

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