Learning to surf in Piha

Travel Channel ambassador Camilla Andersen learns to surf at Piha Beach.

Piha Beach is the birth place of surfing in New Zealand. It has massive rock formations at the north and south end of the beach creating fun waves for experienced surfers and those wanting to have a first time lesson.

Surfboards and wetsuits are available and your Piha Surf School Instructor will show you the safest part of the beach that is free from rips and currents so that you get to ride to the beach as many times as possible during your lesson. Surfing is one of the most exhilarating pastimes and the fresh ocean swells coming in from the Tasman Sea will leave you vitalised and buzzing with energy.

Piha Beach is just 45 minutes from downtown Auckland and you will spend the last 20 minutes driving through beautiful sub-tropical National Forest. 

Once you get to the beach and are in your wetsuit, you will quickly find out why some say riding a wave is 'like a magic carpet ride'.

Piha Surf School instructors are either current or past NZ Champion Surfers who will help you get the best from your Piha experience.