Don't just explore NZ find out how to taste it

You can drink pure NZ water on tap nation wide and find any tap now thanks to while tasting free/discounted, NZ beer and Coffee.

Don't just explore New Zealand find out how to taste it.

New Zealand's latest tourism tour has just started promoting NZ tap water to anyone who wants to find the closest refuel station nation wide. You don't need to head to the shop and spend $6 every day on bottled water adding to unneeded waste and high plastic production, as New Zealand is one of the few countries that still has great tasting water nation wide..

Fresh water world wide is at a minimum however New Zealand is lucky enough to hold a large part of the last 3% and we need to protect it. From artisan springs, aquifers, glaciers and blue rivers our tap water is definitely some of the best in the world. To help find a tap wherever you are in the country Globelet eco cups has designed a website and iphone app that can find you on a map and lead you to the closest fountain saving the need and money for that once needed bottle.

Thanks to Brad Kirner, Nomads, Stray Travel, Base, iSITES and boutique hostels around the country New Zealand's first tikiwai tour is becoming a success. Not only can you find the closest water spots but you can grab a cup for $3 to $5 strap it to your backpack and then travel our tour of over $250 of free/discounted New Zealand beer, coffee or juice nation wide at our selected venues.

Best yet, grab snaps with your tikiwai around the country and win free accommodation, bar tabs, fly fishing trips, free bungys and much more when you share ur support of NZ sustainability with us

Don't just explore our wee country go find out how to taste it and help our campaign for NZ tap water.

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